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Top Speed Racing 3d

Top Speed Racing 3d

· Graphics Quality: You can choose between Low, Medium, and High. · There are more than fifteen cool rides to choose from, each with its own speed, handling, and offroad abilities. · To help you drive faster, you can upgrade your engine, turbo, tires, transmission, suspension, and nitro. · You can customize the following to make your ride look even better: Rims, paint, window tinting, tuning stance, vinyls, LEDs, and metal plating are just a few of the available options. · Rims: A total of twenty-nine different Rims are available. · Paint: The entire body, the rims, the caliper, the hood, and the roof can all be painted, and the glossiness can be adjusted. · Turning Stance: Camber and Height can be adjusted Vinyls are classified into three types: plain, colorful, and camouflage. · LEDs are available in 14 different colors. · This game has four game modes: free mode, traffic mode, police chase mode, and stunt mode. Police Chase and Stunt Mode will be available soon. · RESET OPTION: Use this option to return to the previous checkpoint. · Settings allows you to change the size of the buttons and dashboard, as well as the view distance, music volume, arrow sensitivity, and steering wheel sensitivity. · Camera View: There are two camera views to choose from.

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